Welcome, stranger! We are Henrik and Andrea. Our backgrounds are in business sciences and engineering, but as you can see, our products and services don’t give us away (for now)!

We provide products and services we REALLY enjoy doing. We feel good about our business and we want to create and deliver value for the benefit of all. Our projects are not motivated by profit alone – we deliberately overload on the goodwill side. This keeps you happy, it keeps us happy, and it is what should be all about. Business is fun for us.

But, by saying that, we take our business seriously. We always do our best, we leave nothing to chance, and we continue to strive for excellence (that’s the fun part – just like gaining experience points upon finishing a tough quest in a RPG game). You’ll always receive more than expected.

Enjoy your stay, check out the stuff we’ve made so far, and thanks for visiting. You can also find us on various social media sites. Stay in touch and let’s become friends. 🙂